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A heart fueled by passion and a mind confused by it's happenings. What makes a true hero? A pure heart or the right mind? A, a soldier of light and protection must utilize both, but at what cost?

The Beginning.
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Jung Ujin

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Reblog this if your muse is still developing


My muses are always in a perpetual state of growing, because we as human beings are always growing and changing. It seems strange, to me, that your main protagonist in the story of their lives, would remain a static character. 

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I actually really want to roleplay violent things. Even a forceful relationship. I don’t mind. I want to roleplay everything. Be it good things or bad things. Throw things at my character, slap them, hug them, kiss them, say mean things about them, anything, really. Make me cry, make me laugh. I really just want to roleplay all kinds of things.

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[ txt: Dongshit ] OK got it. ㅋㅋㅋ

Make sure what reflects off the mirror is you, not the opinion of others
---Razcal Life (via bxesuzy)
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Update — OOC

Blog Based Changes:

  • Updated Ujin’s About
  • Created About the Soldier
  • Updated Ujin’s Description
  • Created the Para Tracker
  • Autoplay has been turned off
  • Amount of picture posts will be reduced.
  • New tags concerning Ujin’s new life will be created.

Character Wise Changes:

  • Muse is currently going through a life changing event/discovery.
  • Muse’s hair is now medium length and Dark Red/Maroon. Bangs are occasionally side swept.
  • Paranoia of destruction and death has been applied. Muse does not show it, although she will stare into space when thinking about it. (Refer to event/discovery)

Side Note: Hit up the inbox if you want to plot, I’ve been itching to do some writing with anyone who is willing to join me. Add on to my current character plot, be perfect strangers, make friends, anything a greatly appreciated.

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